EllemenTi is the brand founded by Lisa Tigano who creates detailed and totally made in Italy fashion collections.

The name of the brand is a perfect union of the initials of the designer, ELLE and TI, and the word “mind”
(the place where the activity of thought takes place) to underline the fact that all EllemenTI creations originate from a very accurate and meticulous study of the different characteristics of the female body. After the analysis, it is possible to discover that all women always tend to hide the defects of their body through the choice of clothes, used as shelters.

In his menteria, a term coined by Lisa Tigano to indicate the place where her mind works to generate her masterpieces, the designer creates collections that try to satisfy this need, especially through the production of refined garments in order to hide the parts of the body that need to be covered and to bring out the ones that need to be shown: “bringing out what’s inside”.